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Gobal Los Cabos Beach is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. You will be enchanted with the turquoise waters of the warm Pacific Ocean! The unique nature of the Baja California creates a paradise on earth.

Some of the best nearby places for visiting, excursions and activities are Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz, Todos Santos (Hotel California), Camel Tour Ride (Tierra Sagrada), Cabo Pulmo, Balandra Beach, San Jose del Cabo Hotel Zone, Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port, Cruise Tours, swim with Whale Sharks.

Cabo San Lucas Cruise Pier is home to fashionable shops, tour agencies, restaurants, cafes, etc. Another great place to spend a full day out is Gobal Los Cabos Beach Club. Its atmosphere, design and excellent service will make your day unforgettable. You will have fun and enjoyable time.

Mexico is rich with all kinds of tours: DIVING, SNORKELING, jeep 4×4 tours, jet ski, YACHTING, KAYAK or CATAMARAN rides, fishing, and HELICOPTER flights. These and other services are just a few minutes from GOBAL LOS CABOS residential complex, which also has three beach clubs for children and adults, the GOBAL Los Cabos Museum and Cultural Park with a recreated Templo Mayor pyramid.





Gobal Los Cabos Entertainment Tours offers you to explore the best attractions of the Mexican Pacific, which was called “The aquarium of the world” as the best beach and tourist destinations in Mexico and Central America. The unique nature of this place creates a paradise on earth. You can relax by the sea or actively explore and enjoy your life in the place surrounded by open spaces, mountains, desert and sports fields for children and adults. We recommend visiting the following places:

– Espíritu Santo Island
– Balandra Beach
– La Paz
– Hotel California
– Todos Santos
– Cabo San Lucas
– San José del Cabo
– Tierra Sagrada
– The Arch of the End of the Earth
– Cabo Pulmo




Entertainment Tours







The beach of Gobal Los Cabos residential complex with golden sand and the blue water is one of the most beautiful sights in the Mexican Pacific. Its calm, almost imperceptible waves make this place ideal for snorkeling and diving.

The perfect climate and natural landscapes make exploring the underwater world an exciting and enjoyable journey. The Pacific Ocean has an amazing marine life and the most beautiful coral reef areas.

You will find our Beach Club and various restaurants along the beach. Here you can enjoy gourmet food and relax after sailing. Visit one of the boutiques located at Gobal Los Cabos Beach Club and choose the perfect outfit for an un-forgettable day in Los Cabos. There are also some places selling various entertainment tours for your convenience.



Todos Santos has become one of the best places to visit in Mexico. Slow down a bit and escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities. The city has attracted many artists. The meeting of cultures will captivate you with the intense art life that takes place in its galleries and festivals. Enjoy a drink in one of its award-winning bars such as the famous Hotel California. Todos Santos has beautiful beaches where you can ride the waves surfing or just relax and enjoy the cool weather.



Embark on a magnificent journey as you trek through the Baja California desert on top of a friendly camel. Ride along the Baja desert and the Pacific Ocean as you enjoy the views, the refreshing breeze, and the sound of the ocean waves.

In this unique ecological tour, you will be able to enjoy visiting an ecological farm. Explore by taking a guided walk through the tropical landscape.

At the end, to refresh yourself and enjoy an unforgettable moment, taste a delicious Mexican buffet and, for adults, you cannot miss a tasting of the best tequilas that Cabo has for you.




A few minutes from the Gobal Los Cabos residential development you can find one of the most incredible cities in the entire world. Today, Cabo San Lucas boasts some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and a world-class marina. Los Cabos is host to six promising fishing tournaments. It is the favorite destination for international celebrities seeking privacy as well as for thousands of people who come to enjoy its nightlife, the best competitive fishing and a wide variety of activities.

If you are looking for something glamorous, along its 30-kilometer shore line, you will find a resort that meets your expectations. In addition, you will not want to miss playing golf in one of its world-renowned courses or spending a sensational night in the vibrant atmosphere of its bars.



Among the attractions that you can discover at Gobal Los Cabos Tours and Entertainment you will find yacht, sailboat, jet ski or even kayak tours.

Baja California is known as one of the most famous places to sail, fish, sightsee and have fun in the warm waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez.

From rides on luxurious catamarans and yachts ideal for a spin while enjoying some cocktails made by the best mixologists, to the most exclusive yacht tours to the most iconic and fun sites, beaches and attractions in Baja California Sur.

Cabo San Lucas is recognized for its attractive sites and one of the best places in the world for fishing tournaments where competitors face each other to fish for marlin, tuna, and dorado. Here, you’ll find yachts and fishing boats prepared and equipped for fishing.

From the Beach Club Gobal Los Cabos, you can visit various expeditions and yacht tours. In addition, you will find activities for you to develop or practice your swimming, diving and snorkel skills.

You can find tours with a lasting of a couple of hours or if you have a little more time, enjoy a full day. The costs vary from $300.00 dollars per hour.



During the season, from October to April, you can enjoy the grace and kindness of the largest fish in the world thanks to the warm water of the Bahía de la Paz which allows the opportunity to swim and observe the natural habitat of the Whale Shark. There are multiple companies that offer diving services in the Pacific. Professionals
who will put at your disposal the best equipment necessary to enjoy being surrounded by this serene species of fish.



Los Cabos is the most popular golf destination in North America. We have some of the best and exclusively-designed courses with stunning views. Nothing completes the perfect Cabo vacation like a round of golf. Come, enjoy, and win!

You will take on various courses that involve many partial blind shots through the sand dunes as well as many elevated tee shots throughout the desert landscape.

Close important deals with the highest luxury of the most important courses worldwide while your family sunbathes in any of the refreshing pools or experience and enjoy endless activities and entertainment.



A great circular walk near the sea and beautiful views of the beaches of San José del Cabo. This beautiful route begins in the Hotel Zone. A pleasant walk along a beautiful beach that goes through a turtle and bird sanctuary, lush wetlands, and the dazzling boardwalk that runs through town. Ideal for a walk at any time of the day. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sea.

In the quiet Hotel Zone, you’ll find luxury resorts such as Viceroy Los Cabos, Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, Vidanta Los Cabos and incredible hotels that fill the beach along the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. The area is home to the Cabo Dolphins, an aquatic center popular with visitors who want to admire these incredible animals.

The locals prefer fast food restaurants and cafes while luxury restaurants cater to vacationers. Stores include convenience stores, home decor boutiques, and food markets.



The Wild Wet Fun Water Park is located in the rural town of Caduaño, between San José del Cabo International Airport and the city of Santiago, and at an hour and 40 minutes away from the Gobal Los Cabos residential development main road.

Excellent place for children and adults as it sits in the alone surrounded by the desert where you will love spending hours of fun in its pools and slides apt for all ages and with incredible prices.

There are green garden areas, shaded relaxation areas, tables and chairs.



Dolphin Discovery – Los Cabos is located in the beautiful Marina Puerto Los Cabos in San José del Cabo and at an hour and 20 minutes away from Gobal residential development.

The Dolphinarium offers a unique experience when swimming and interacting with dolphins as it invites you to enjoy dolphin-trainer and dolphin-trainer-visitor shows and interaction activities. Make your dreams come true while you’re on the water, the dolphins will give you the coziest hug, and an exciting belly ride or even a fun foot push. It is an ideal place to let yourself be carried away by the hands of highly trained professionals.

You will contribute to the care and maintenance of the dolphins themselves while having fun with them.

Open from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.



Coastal city that attracts responsible travelers, surfers who come to challenge the waves of the Pacific, and lovers of marine biodiversity. As the desert merges with the sea, you will be able to explore landscapes full of wildlife in an environment like no other.

Known for its boardwalk facing the sea with beaches, parks, and works by international and Mexican artists. Many bars and restaurants have ocean views. In the city center, the 19th-century Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz is beautifully shaded by the Velasco Garden. The Whale Museum has exhibits on the area’s gray whales.

In addition to its miles of beaches, it is the starting point for many tours to the Sea of Cortez to observe gray whales or swim with whale sharks. The most beautiful beaches in Mexico, World Heritage Islands of Humanity, and picturesque towns.



UNESCO World Natural Heritage site since 2005 and a National Park since 2007. An impressive setting that contrasts between the beauty of the sea and the desert. Its virgin beaches surrounded by volcanic rocks, protect its invaluable endemic flora and fauna. On the island you can do different activities including kayaking, fishing, and hiking along its trails. The National Park has more than 10 incredible points to practice snorkeling or diving whether it is in its natural reefs or visiting the sunken ships in its surroundings.


A wonder of crystal-clear waters, surrounded by low mountains. The softness and shallowness of the water make it an ideal place for children to play safely while parents walk along the turquoise bay. A beach that is related not only to the preservation of the environment, but also to the human search for rest, stillness, and tranquility.

Navigate in total calm on your own or in the company of a guide aboard a rowboat or in a small sailboat. We recommend making stops for snorkeling.

You cannot miss one of the emblematic icons of the area, el Hongo de Balandra, a mushroom-shaped rock formation which has become one of the most famous places in this area to take one of the many photographs to remember.







Since 1972 in Mexico, it was decreed as the first whale sanctuary in the world which implies the maintenance of these sanctuaries or reserves to provide care and protection of the gray whale.

Every year, thousands of gray whales migrate up to 20,000 kilometers from the arctic waters of the Bering and Chukchi seas near Alaska, to the warm waters off the western coast of the Baja California Sur peninsula in order to reproduce and care for their young. These incredible species, the largest in the marine world, measure from 11 to 15 meters with an approximate weight of 30 tons.

The gray whales, measuring about 12 mt. and weighing 750 kg, arrive in Mexico after a long journey: they travel nearly 10,000 kilometers from Alaska, fleeing from their predators, such as sea urchins and sharks.

The sighting activity in Los Cabos is a practice that has set Mexico on the map around the world as it is a unique natural wonder. Whale watching in this site takes place mainly between the months of December and March where it is possible to participate in the observation of gray whales in the waters of the Ojo de Liebre, Guerrero Negro, San Ignacio, San Carlos and Lopez Mateos lagoons–all of which are marine life sanctuaries in the Baja Peninsula region.




One of the jewels of Baja California Sur is the Bay of Loreto–made up of the islands of Del Carmen, Danzante, Montserrat, Catalina, and Colorado. You will find the best of marine life that the Sea of Cortez has to offer: the blue whale, humpback whale, killer whales, dolphins, seals, manta rays and thousands of fish.

Observe the community of sea lions that emerge daily from the sea to bask in the sun’s rays on the rocks just outside Coronado Island.
Due to all its natural characteristics, this sanctuary was declared a protected area in 1996 and since then the flora and fauna have continued their life cycle generating a fairly rich and diverse ecosystem. Participate in sport fishing, diving, snorkel and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

The Bay of Loreto National Marine Park
it is located just off the coast of the Bay of Loreto, in the northeast of Baja California Sur. islands, underwater caves in islands, dunes, rocky reefs, bays, beaches are some of the natural attractions you can explore and discover.



Made up of a third of the total cetacean species in the world, it is the only living coral reef on the Eastern Pacific coast. Stretching from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and with the only underwater sand falls on the planet, Cabo Pulmo provides a safe haven for more than 800 species of marine life in the Sea of Cortez. Cabo Pulmo is a perfect example of ecotourism as it is ideal for those seeking the quieter and more natural side of Los Cabos. There are no big hotels, just a couple of accommodations in private houses and bungalows built with palm and adobe.

Electricity is even provided with solar panels. It has become a world-famous place for diving and snorkeling with skills of the highest-level instructors. Five of the seven species of sea turtles that are in danger of extinction in the world are found in Cabo Pulmo as well as one of the largest collections of sharks including bull sharks, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, black tips and white sharks. This eco-destination is remote and unspoiled, perfect for those seeking out-of-the-box adventures.

Entrance Fee $10 US PER PERSON


The mere fact of flying in a helicopter in itself is an unforgettable experience for anyone. If you want to enjoy incredible views of the Pacific Ocean from the air, there is the possibility of taking a helicopter ride provided by Gobal Los Cabos Entertainment and Tours.

If you have little time, we recommend renting a private helicopter–an air taxi that takes you from the international airports directly to the Gobal Los Cabos residential development.

It is a safe and comfortable way to travel. You can enjoy privacy and comfort, in addition, there are helicopter tours and it is the best and most exciting way to get to know the beauty of Cabo and its natural environment: beaches, landscapes, virgin waters, the coast of the city, and the famous arch in a unique aerial perspective. Fly through the San José del Cabo estuary, the beaches of Santa María, Chileno and El Medano, the Marina of Cabo San Lucas and see where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

Rent a light aircraft and fly over the bay of La Paz and places like: San Juan de la Costa, Espiritu Santo Island, Cerralvo Island, Punta Conejo, San Evaristo and much more. This flight option is ideal for those who like adventure and the feel of the wind. One of this aircraft’s features is not having windows which makes it ideal for photographic flights, reconnaissance, etc. This light aircraft is ideal for capturing the best photos and video of the beautiful views of the bay and its surroundings.

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